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Gaspalleira criadores de Mastín del Pirineo y Jack Russell Terrier
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Tips for breeding Pyrenean Mastiff and Jack Russell Terrier puppies.

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Cachorros de mastín del pirineo
Each breeder selects their dogs and bitches based on those characteristics that it considers most important and that it wishes the parents to transmit to their offspring.
In Gaspalleira we consider the character and the reproductive capacity as fundamental characteristics in our dogs. That is why we have selected for our breeding those dogs descendants of parents with balanced character and recognized skills for reproduction, while taking care and trying to maintain, beauty, correct structures and good movements.
We intend this section to be a reflection of our experiences as breeders. We will try to update it little by little including informative articles related to the breeding.
Visit our section "INFORMATION - BUY A PUPPY" to learn more about how we breed our puppies.
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