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Gaspalleira criadores de Mastín del Pirineo y Jack Russell Terrier
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Family breeding of Pyrenean Mastiff and Jack Russell Terrier
· 15-06-2024 - Updated the "NEWS 2024" section: results in the V Xuntanza of Pyrenean Mastiff.
· 22-04-2024 - Updated the "NEWS 2024" section: results of our dogs in the latest dog shows
· 14-11-2023 - Updated the "NEWS 2023" section: results of Amaro and Bola in N.D.S. of Madrid.
· 29-10-2023 - Updated the "NEWS 2023" section with Vacaburra's hip and elbow dysplasia results.
· 15-10-2023 - New picture of KEIMADA DE GASPALLEIRA 4 years old.
· 07-09-2023 - Nerta de Gaspalleira "Clementina" already has her website at "OURS PYRENEAN MASTIFFS - CLEMENTINA"
Jack Russell Terrier litter born on May 7th, 2024.

We are a Jack Russell and Pyrenean Mastiff kennel focused on breeding puppies with the essential qualities of character and the necessary socialization for them to live in families as pet dogs, although we also like to participate in dog shows, which gives us helps keep our breeding lines true to the characteristics defined in the breed standard.

Jack Russells have an innate sympathy and a special sense of humor that leads them to perform continuous "clowning" to get our attention, such as capering around chasing a terrifying "fly" or running around at top speed, jumping from one piece of furniture to another in the room. home.

The day our first mastina Dina came home, at two months old, my daughter, who was 4 years old at the time, hugged her like a big stuffed animal; they were almost the same size.

Cachorros mastín del pirineo y jack russell terrier
All our litters of Pyrenean Mastiff and Jack Russell Terrier are breeded in a responsible and familiar way in our home, which allows us to socialize the puppies in an adequate way to live as a family. We breed few litters a year and our primary objectives are the health, character and beauty of our puppies and our dogs.

In morphology dog shows, specimens of all breeds compete. The dogs are examined and evaluated by judges according to a breed standard previously established by the F.C.I. (Federation Cynologique International).

Festeiro Tolo de Gaspalleira puppy of Pyrenean Mastiff
Welcome to Gaspalleira , we are a Pyrenean Mastiff and Jack Russell Terrier family environment kennel. In our website you can see our dogs, pictures, videos, information, puppies and litters, standard, character, taken care, results, and show schedule, news and much more.
You can find interesting information about our stud dogs, breeding bitches, occasionally available puppies and the combinations we plan to make in the future.
Making a decision about adopting, buying or even giving a puppy as a present must be taken as a fact which involves a great deal of responsibility in our lives since our canine companion will stay with us for many years just like another member in our family. Our dogs, puppies or adults, are priceless. We are not a kennel conceived as a selling puppy business.
We excluxively breed Pyrenean Mastiffs and Jack Russell Terrier, the breeds we love just by reasons of fondness and devotion. We try to contribute to PM and JRT breeds improvement and to offer socialized, balanced and family dogs. Our Pyrenean Mastiffs, excellent guarding dogs, and Jack Russell Terrier, ideal dogs for small children, come from the best Spanish and Australian bloodlines and they are selected in order to transmit the particular temperament and morphological features of the breed.
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Núcleo zoológico: 15/004/0002/CC
Kennel RSCE nº: 15.800 - FCI nº: 817/08
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