Current litters of Pyrenean Mastiff and Jack Russell Terrier of Gaspalleira - Gaspalleira breeder of Pyrenean Mastiff and Jack Russell Terrier puppies

Gaspalleira criadores de Mastín del Pirineo y Jack Russell Terrier
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Current litters of Pyrenean Mastiff and Jack Russell Terrier of Gaspalleira

To formalize a reservation contact us at 639 319 167
(by telephone conversation, we do not inform by WhatsApp)

All our litters of Pyrenean Mastiff and Jack Russell Terrier are breeded in a responsible and familiar way in our home, which allows us to socialize the puppies in an adequate way to live as a family. We breed few litters a year and our primary objectives are the health, character and beauty of our puppies and our dogs.
That is why we strive to select the best families for our puppies. We like to ask how and where our puppies, family members, are going to live, if there are other pets, if they are going to live in a house or in an apartment, if they are going to carry out some type of activity, if there are or were other dogs or if the owners have economic security that could face any unforeseeable expense that may occur.

Litter born on May 7th, 2024 composed of 5 females and 1 male.
Delivery date of the puppies: from July 16th, 2024.
(More information by clicking on the photo)

(More information by clicking on the photo)

cachorros de jack russell terrier
cachorros de jack russell terrier
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We invite you to visit the following sections of our website, where you will find more information about our upbringing:
The decision to buy or adopt a puppy should be a decision that is deeply considered and thought through over time. A puppy is a new member of the family that will accompany us for many years, to which we must take care and give the quality of life that he deserves, since he's a living being and not a toy. It is important to reflect on the breed that best suits our situation, lifestyle, composition and age of family members, etc.
  If you are interested in acquiring a Pyrenean Mastiff puppy or a Jack Russell Terrier puppy from our kennel, we recommend that you contact us well in advance, even before the puppies are born. We can include you in our "reservation list" and thus send you more detailed information about the expected litters, their parents, approximate dates, confirmation of pregnancy and delivery progress. For this, it is necessary that you CONTACT us by phone, since we like to have a telephone conversation with the future families of our puppies.

Before buying a puppy think about the possibility of adopting. You will save their life. There are many waiting.
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